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rohmüll, avanciert
conceptuell and free impromptu music
Michael H. Rohde:
Activity as a musician (keyboard...), fine artist
in the area digitally worked photograph and video,
non-not perishable Dipl. engineer, designer.
Study of the free art in the college for fine arts hamburg
with professor B. J. Blume.

Prices, scholarships and exhibits in Berlin,

Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover, ...
Heiko Müller (Xenlipe):
- Activity as a composer for new music, own
compositiones for orchestra instruments, solo works,
Improvisation drafts.
- Activity as musician
Acoustics drummer, song (free and draft texts),
keyboard, guitar, piano, organ,
different style directions, improvisations (draft and free)
Performances of works from the new music from other
Composers, at universities and cultural sites.
- Performance - projects
- Teaching activity (percussion)
- Exhibits of the own works
Productions of various own CD's and with other
rohmüll, avanciert are clench fists which crash her energy brutally together, so that
extreme turbulences originates, which become distortion, chaos, decay and her music.

This sweatness act is done to reach innovative creativities, also spiritual spaces and to

desecrate the conforming thinking. A far-reaching dynamic palette with sudden changes
in the music time, in tactfulness kinds, in style kinds, in attacks, in free structures and
atonal melodies, which sometimes still lead to a lyrical poetry, is opened . One musician
creates this with the keyboard, voice, text (also read), accordion, flute and the other
musician, with percussion, acoustic junk, song, language, sounds, tape (compositions of
Xenlipe and older rohmüll, avanciert - improvisations), (resound changes on the real-time
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rohmüll, avanciert CD´s
(raw-garbage, rise on the position)